Maintaining the Health of Your Home's Crawl Space

Monday, March 7th, 2022 by Madelynn Wald

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Importance of Crawl Space Maintenance

Here in the Midwest, there is no doubt that we receive some absurd and drastic weather changes. From 90 degrees and humid in the summer, to -5 degrees and large amounts of snow in the winter. That means we have to be careful about how we treat our homes and their needs, but have you ever thought about what your crawl space may need?

What Problems Do Crawl Spaces Face in the Midwest?

Some of the main problems crawlspaces face go unnoticed until it causes major damage to the rest of the home. Crawl spaces face issues that range from heating issues, to moisture or water intrusion, to mold, to unstable support. All of these problems are usually out of sight, but directly affect the home. Moisture in crawl spaces can cause mold and allow unhealthy air to enter your home, as well as wood rot that will affect the stability of your home. Stability can also be affected by settling support caused by the freezing and thawing of soil. This may cause the floors in your home to sag and sink, and doors and windows to not fit properly in their framework. These problems are an inconvenience but can be corrected with some help.

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Different Solutions for Different Problems

There may be several solutions to multiple problems when it comes to crawl space repair.

SmartJack® System: This is a Crawl Space Stabilizer that is able to be adjusted to lift failing beams, and lift sagging floors back to their original position.

TerraBlock™: This is a bottom crawl space insulation material that can insulate rough, uneven floors. It’s an insulation and moisture protection product combined into one. Covered with a durable moisture barrier, this insulation is resistant to being punctured and damage caused by abrasion.

CleanSpace®: This is a thick, white poly sheet material that makes an excellent covering for crawl space walls and floors. When using clean space for crawl space encapsulation, it creates a clean, appealing finish that allows the space to be used as efficient storage.

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Importance of These Solutions

The health of a home is not something to take lightly. Homes house our families and our memories, so they should be treated with the same importance that they provide for us. This includes the stuff we don’t necessarily see day-to-day. Make sure to take care of your crawl space so your home stays as healthy as possible throughout the changing Midwest seasons.

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