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Cellulose: A Greater Way to Insulate

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 by Steven Stern

Cellulose: A Greater Way to Insulate

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What greater way to cool a home in the winter and heat a home in the summer, than that of poor insulation. Have you considered a better alternative than sacrificing your own comfort in your home? TruSoft™ Cellulose is a type of blown-in or dense-packed insulation, that offers much more advantages than those in comparison. This type of insulation has many notable aspects of its extraordinary ability to keep your home safer, more comfortable and energy efficient.

TruSoft™ Cellulose has a long history and has since been perfected over time to become what it is today. Formed by 80% recycled paper, it is an all natural green product. Most of this recycled paper is from old newspapers which are combined to make a special blend of brown and white paper. 15-18% is made of fire retardant borate, a mineral found in the earth. The final 3-5% is made of cornstarch, which is used as a binder for stabilizing the cellulose and reducing dust, creating a friendly natural product. This combination also has another advantage, which creates an insulated room that does not attract rodents. The reason for this is because mice and other creatures hate the scent and when the taste gets into their mouth they begin to feel dehydrated. Even with the majority of its content consisting of newspaper, this product is highly fire retardant, in turn, adding an extra level of fire safety in your home. Additionally, TruSoft™ Cellulose also deadens sound, resulting in an overall noise reduction throughout the home.

This blown-in insulation can be installed in two ways. The first way is using a TruSoft™ Cellulose loose fill. This loose fill is mainly used in attics where there is adequate room to install many layers. To give a visual on the value of loose fill cellulose, an attic would only need to be filled 18 inches thick, as compared to the 24 inches needed for fiberglass. Loose fill has a 3.8 R-value per inch. The R-value is the measure of resistance to heat transfer, which is greater by comparison to the 2.5 R-value per inch of fiberglass batts.

The second way to install TruSoft™ Cellulose is by way of dense packing. This installation method was created for insulation needs with limited space. This way still provides successful energy efficiency in homes measuring an R-value of 3.0, which is only slightly lower than the loose fill. The reason for the difference is due to the air pockets being squeezed out when dense packed. This also stops moisture from being able to travel through the insulation. The loose fill has a lot more air which provides fewer points of contact for the heat to travel through in comparison to the dense packed. Both installation methods of TruSoft™ Cellulose will result in leaving your home more comfortable.

TruSoft™ Cellulose also has the advantage of being non-intrusive when installing in an existing wall or ceiling compared to other methods like spray foam insulation. While spray foam insulation is ideal where it can be used, one of the big disadvantages to using it in an existing structure is that one whole side of the wall or ceiling has to be opened up to install it properly. Resulting in higher overall project costs and additional work beyond the insulation installing.

As you can see, TruSoft™ Cellulose is a top of the line modern wall and ceiling insulation with many significant factors that lead to its credibility. Proven results show that this insulation is the way to go if you are looking to get the most out of your home by ways of insulation. By having cellulose insulation in your home, you will not only have the peace of mind that your home is safer, you will also be able to feel the difference in the comfort of your home while being energy efficient throughout the whole year.


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