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Before and After Pictures from Grand Marais
Crawl Space Encapsulated in Grand Marais, MN

Crawl Space Encapsulated in Grand Marais, MN

Before After
Crawl Space Encapsulated in Grand Marais, MN Crawl Space Encapsulated in Grand Marais, MN

In this Grand Marais home, the homeowner was having trouble with their dirty, damp crawl space creating musty odors in their home. If left untreated this problem could have lead to mold and rot in the wooden supports of the building. The homeowner wanted to make sure they had a permanent solution to the problem instead of treating the symptoms, so they had DBS Residential Solutions encapsulate their crawl space with our patented CleanSpace polyethylene vapor barrier with the addition of a sump pump to remove water that entered under the barrier. 

High Radon Levels in Grand Marais, MN

High Radon Levels in Grand Marais, MN

Before After
High Radon Levels in Grand Marais, MN High Radon Levels in Grand Marais, MN

Up the North Shore in Grand Marais, radon levels are commonly known to be in the danger zone. Due to the fact that radon can have serious effects on one's health, this homeowner wanted to find out the radon level in their own home. Although there is no safe level of radon, 4.0 pCi/L is the recommended level when action must be taken. This homeowner did some research and reached out to DBS, to have them make a trip out to the home for a free test. The results that came back showed the levels ranged from 11 pCi/L to 18 pCi/L, meaning a great danger for the homeowner. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, only second to smoking, which put the homeowner at a greater risk by having these high levels. The Specialist that came out to test the home, then explained to the homeowner what the best possible route would be to take care of the danger. The first step would be to seal all cracks in the home, but especially those in the basement, because radon comes from the ground. With all the cracks sealed, a fan moisture guard would be installed to filter out any radon gases trying to enter the home. This would then be transferred from the basement to the outside and above the home. After going through a thorough explanation and coming to a comfortable price agreement, a date was set to have a crew come out to complete the installation. Once that was complete, the levels were brought down so the homeowner no longer had to worry about the risk of exposure of radon. With radon no longer posing a threat, the homeowner was spared any additional health effects through the work of DBS.

Radon Mitigation in Grand Marais, MN

Radon Mitigation in Grand Marais, MN

Before After
Radon Mitigation in Grand Marais, MN Radon Mitigation in Grand Marais, MN

After learning about the serious and potentially life-threatening dangers of radon, this homeowner in Grand Marais decided to get the home tested. Minnesota, along with other northern states, are areas where radon levels are commonly found to be in the danger zones. As a result, the homeowner was concerned about their own safety and the health of the guests staying in their privately owned lodge and decided to have someone come out to test their radon levels. Following a brief friendly phone call with the DBS office staff, an appointment was made to have a system design specialist make a trip out to the home and lodge to do a thorough inspection for free. At the appointment, the specialist was able to find that the levels were too high and explained what action was necessary in order to lower those levels. Thankfully, DBS offers a full radon mitigation service to rectify the homeowner's dilemma. Following a comfortable price agreement, a date was set to have a crew come out to perform the installation. The customer sealed any cracks in the basement and the system was installed. Now the homeowner no longer has to be concerned about any health threats posed by the radioactive gas.

Company Awards
Joel Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success Awards - 2015 Emerging Entrepreneur Award
The owner of DBS Residential Solutions, Bonnie Sundberg was awarded the 2015 Emerging Entrepreneur Award. This award from the Labovitz... [Read more]
DBS Gets 5th in Sales 2020-2021 for Total Basement Finishing
DBS is pleased to have received recognition from Contractor Nation for 5th in overall sales for Basement Finishing. We are... [Read more]
Star Tribune's Top Workplace 2021
In the small businesses category, DBS earned 41st out of 75 companies nominated for the Star Tribune’s Top Workplaces in... [Read more]
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Concrete Repair, Basement Finishing, Foundation Repair, & Home Energy Insulation Company in Grand Marais

DBS not only adheres to the highest industry standards, but we also strive to be a local contractor that homeowners trust. We use proven, state-of-the-art products and technology designed to provide a home environment that is more comfortable to live in, energy-efficient, and structurally sound.

Services we offer in Grand Marais

  • Basement Finishing
  • Concrete repair, concrete lifting, & concrete leveling
  • Foundation repair
  • Home energy audits
  • Insulation
  • Financing Available
  • Free written estimates and inspections and fast installation

Basement finishing company in Grand Marais

At DBS we can transform your basement into usable space. Whether you want another living room, a home theater, or something else entirely, our team can help make your vision a reality. Many building materials like drywall and plywood don't work well in the basement. In the damp environment of the basement these building materials are often vulnerable to mold and other issues. That's why we use specialized building materials that are inorganic, waterproof, and perfectly suited for the basement environment.

Your trusted concrete repair specialists

Say goodbye to sinking, cracked concrete with DBS’s all-in-one concrete lifting and leveling solutions! We use PolyLevel®, an expanding polyurethane foam, to quickly raise and stabilize uneven concrete. This reliable, cost-effective solution not only restores concrete to its original state but does so with minimal disruption to your property. Ready to make sunken, uneven concrete at your home or business a thing of the past? Contact our team today to schedule a free estimate in Grand Marais, MN and nearby.

Local foundation repair expert serving Grand Marais & nearby

Is your foundation exhibiting any of the following warning signs?

  • Cracks in foundation walls or floors
  • Bowing and buckling foundation walls
  • Sticking windows and doors in the living area
  • Walls leaning inwards at the top
  • Sinking or unlevel floors and slabs

It’s time to take action! Foundation problems like those listed above can be detrimental to the structural integrity of your home. The good news? DBS can help restore your foundation to its original glory using our expansive line of high-quality, patented foundation repair products. Each product is designed to stand the test of time, giving your home a stable and durable foundation that can handle whatever mother nature throws its way.

Home insulation in Grand Marais

Most homes don't have enough insulation. DBS can inspect your insulation levels and add insulation where it's needed. From attics to crawl spaces, we provide complete home insulation solutions in Grand Marais to help with problems such as uncomfortable rooms and high heating and cooling costs.

Insulation Services offered:

  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Blown-in Cellulose
  • Blown-in Fiberglass
  • Rigid Foam
  • Radiant Barriers
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Air Duct Sealing
  • Attic Insulation
  • Basement Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Garage Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • Air Duct Insulation

Comprehensive home energy audit

Do you have rooms in your home that are too hot or too cold? Are your heating and cooling costs higher than they should be? Our complete home energy audit offered in Grand Marais can identify problem areas in your home, whether they're in the attic, basement, around windows and doors, or in your ductwork. Based on the findings, we'll recommend the right upgrades to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Our home energy audits include:

  • Air Leak Inspection
  • Thermal Scanning
  • Detailed Explanation
  • Blower Door (Infiltrometer) Test
  • Insulation Level Check
  • Appliance & Lighting Checks
Case Studies From Grand Marais
The owners of this Grand Marais, MN cabin needed professional and permanent help for their crawl space. The lack of effective insulation was causing...
This Grand Marais, MN customer was experiencing cracks and bowing in their foundation wall. They understood that this problem would not get better on...
Job Stories From Grand Marais, MN
Grand Marais, MN Cabin Seals Crawl Space

This cabin in Grand Marais, MN had a dirt crawl space that was prone to water. Tired of musty smells, and inconsistent temperatures in the rest of the cabin, the owners contacted us. They had work done by DBS on another cabin in the area, and were happy with that project.

DBS Sales Manager Royce Bunn visited the home for a free inspection and no-obligation estimate for the work. To combat this problem, encapsulating the space entirely was the best option.

CleanSpace® drainage matting, and a protective vapor barrier were laid down to seal the dirt floor. TerraBlock™ and closed-cell spray foam insulation were used to help regulate temperature in the space, which will in turn make the home more energy-efficient.

The homeowner was pleased with the done work and now has a more safe and comfortable home to enjoy!

Grand Marais, MN Cabin Seals Crawl Space - Photo 1Grand Marais, MN Cabin Seals Crawl Space - Photo 2
Replaced Crawlspace Insulation in Grand Marais, MN.

A duplex in Grand Marais, MN reached out to Dr. Energy Saver Solutions that needed their crawlspace insulated. The families in the duplex both knew in the fall they needed to draw attention towards this insulation because of ice dams on their roof. They were looking to solve these problems, also making their home more cost efficient in utilities. They wanted their crawlspace to be more easily accesible and insulated. We sent a design specialist, Steve Stern, to the house for an easy, straight-forward fix. By adding our energy efficient insulation to the crawlspace, we could solve their problem. The insulation will help to lower the utiliies, while removing board foam and fiberglass that was battling air seal. Dr. Energy Saver Solutions is happy to provide safe, efficient insulation and services to help families improve their homes.

Replaced Crawlspace Insulation in Grand Marais, MN. - Photo 1Replaced Crawlspace Insulation in Grand Marais, MN. - Photo 2Replaced Crawlspace Insulation in Grand Marais, MN. - Photo 3
High Radon Levels in Grand Marais, MN

In their quiet home in Grand Marais, MN, this couple enjoys their space. Since learning about the colorless, odorless gas of Radon, they decided to get their house tested. They reached out to DBS and set up an appointment for a system design specialist to make a trip out to the home to test for this dangerous gas. After receiving the results that their radon levels were in the danger zone, the couple wanted to find the best quality solution. DBS was able to offer a radon mitigation system that would keep their radon levels at zero. This system includes a fan moisture guard, a deluxe noise reducer, and an exterior cover for the fan and switch. With this system, any radon from below the home’s foundation will be channeled to the outside of the home. Following a comfortable price agreement between the specialist and the couple, a date was set to have the production crew come out to perform the installation. Not long afterward, the crew came out and professionally installed the quality system, greatly alleviating the high radon levels. This couple in Grand Marais, MN no longer has to worry about the dangerous impacts of radon gas.

High Radon Levels in Grand Marais, MN - Photo 1
Work Requests From Grand Marais, MN
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
I have a hairline crack along my ceiling that has started traveling down the wall and would like the foundation inspected/fixed as needed. The house does not have a basement, but there is a crawl space. The house is one half of a duplex and the other half (802 W 2nd St) has previously contacted DBS for work.
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
Noticed shifting in wood foundation.
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
We have no insulation on rim joists. Water pipe to our new addition froze in today's cold snap. Furnace ducts are not insulated and run in the crawl space.
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
Entry needs replacing and leaking basement walls.
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
Interested in a quote for crawl space encapsulation.
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
We had a flood in 2009. Remove sand from underneath garage slab. North side of garage has been sinking due to the sand removal. Needs to come up about 2-3 inches. Wondering if this is something you can fix. Thank you.
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
We have a house built in 2003. There's a crawl space under the living room and kitchen that has bad odors. It has plastic on the dirt, but the plastic isn't taped and I'm not sure what's going on with the walls. I'd love to talk with someone who knows about insulating crawl spaces.
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
We have a basement in our your round cabin that is in need of some sealing and insulating. We would love to set up a time for you to come and take a look.
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
Black streaks on ceiling near peak and side walls. Blown insulation settled leaving bare spots in attic ceiling.
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
I have an addition on my home that has shifted over time. I believe it was added in the 60s or 70s. I am unsure if the foundation needs to be lifted here or redone completely. The addition is just one bathroom and one bedroom.
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
26x47 poured foundation on garage/shop with issues. One corner badly cracked. Walls have cracks, need to get estimate to fix issues and see if it is worth saving Built into the ground so most of the concrete is below grade
Project Location: Grand Marais, MN
I have an historic Lundie house nearby Grand Marais, built in 1957. It has a damp basement issue, as well as radon, etc. Would it be possible to get a proposal and estimate of work? Thanks.

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