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EverLast Garage Wall Panels present the perfect look for your finished garage

Transform your garage with EverLast Garage Panels!

After years of use, does your garage look run down or seem damaged? Does it get too chilly to use during the winter? EverLast Garage Wall Panels provide solutions to these issues and more, not only restoring and improving your garage, but they will also create a bright, beautiful, and finished appearance.

If you want a solution that upgrades your garage walls, call the local experts at DBS! We provide free estimates on EverLast Garage Wall Panel installation in Duluth, Eau Claire, Menomonie, Hibbing, Bemidji, and nearby, and we can help you get the right solution for your home. Call us today at 1-855-259-9625 or click below to get started!

The EverLast Garage Finishing System

garage finishing system

The Everlast Garage Finishing System provides a complete solution that includes storage, finishing touches, optional insulation, and more (click to enlarge).

The Benefits of EverLast Garage Panels

Additional Features

  • Crown molding
  • Door bumpers
  • Baseboard trim
  • Wrapped posts
  • Custom storage solutions

Customer Reviews
  • By Dennis M.
    Two Harbors, MN

    "Best decision I have made was to go with your company. My garage turned out amazing."

    Customer Review

    By Dennis M.
    Two Harbors, MN

    Best decision I have made was to go with your company. My garage turned out amazing.

  • Strength: Since drywall is a soft building element that can degrade easily, it is hardly ideal in the garage. As an organic material, drywall is also a prime source for mold growth -- given how much moisture can be inside the garage, you want to avoid this at all costs. The EverLast garage wall panels are made from cement board, containing no organic materials, in order to provide a durable, impenetrable, and long-lasting garage finishing system that stands up to damage and mold growth. Their clean vinyl surface also means they can be easily washed, so you can hose your garage walls whenever you please!
  • Appearance: Garages are exposed to all kinds of dings, dents, scuff marks and other aesthetic damage. Drywall is difficult to clean without damaging, and frequently re-painting a garage is something no homeowner wants to do. Installing Everlast Garage Panels will keep your garage looking great for years to come. The durable vinyl finished surface is easy to clean, allowing you to maintain the panel's appearance no matter how many times it's scuffed up. In fact, you can even hose down the walls to clean your garage!
  • Insulation (optional): If your garage is uninsulated, we also offer an insulated EverLast Wall Panel. Garage insulation can have a major impact on your home's comfort and efficiency, and an uninsulated garage will make the rooms next to it noticeably colder in the winter. Many homeowners also use their garages as workshops, and they can become almost unusable during colder months. If your garage needs insulation, choosing insulated EverLast Panels will help to create a more comfortable space in the garage while helping to improve your home's overall energy efficiency.

Improve your garage with EverLast Wall Panels 

The EverLast Finishing System from DBS provides a durable solution for garage walls. With inorganic cement board panels, your garage walls will be properly protected and resistant to mold. Upgrade your garage walls further with optional insulation to add energy efficiency to their finished appearance!

If you're interested in EverLast Garage Panels for your home, call us today at 1-855-259-9625 or contact us online to get started! We offer free estimates on all our work in Duluth, Eau Claire, Menomonie, and throughout the surrounding areas.

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