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Carbon Armor Secures Foundation Wall in Chaska, Minnesota

This basement walls in this home were cracked and required significant improvements if they were going to continue to serve their purpose in supporting the home. The homeowner met with our foundation specialist Jon to get a proper assessment of the situation. After sitting down with Jon to go over the options available to the homeowner they chose to use Carbon Armor Straps to prevent the wall from moving further in the future. The installation of this project was led by Kevin who did an excellent job of keeping in contact with the customer to ensure that we were moving the project along exactly as planned and taking care of any issues that may arise. The installed Carbon Armor straps add strength to the wall without impeding on the space which the customer really enjoyed.

Leveling Concrete Patio in Victoria, Minnesota

This concrete patio has slabs that had sunken which was resulting in uneven areas and tripping hazards across the entire patio. With our PolyLevel concrete lifting and leveling system we were able to bring the crooked slabs back to a level state and flush with the surrounding concrete. This family can now allow their children to play on the patio without worrying about trips and falls. 

Bowing Foundation Wall Stabilized in Chanhassen, MN

The foundation wall on this Chanhassen home was bowing and had developed a long crack along the length of the wall. The homeowner understood what could happen if he had ignored the crack and allowed the problem to get worse, so he had a proper inspection of the situation completed. Understanding each of the factors involved in the situation our specialist decided the best solution would be to use Earth Anchors to retain and strengthen the foundation walls. This solution made sense because the foundation walls required permanent support and there was room around the exterior of the home to allow our crews to dig down to where the ends of the Earth Anchors would be set in the ground. This solution was efficiently installed with little disturbance to the owner's landscaping. The foundation is now permanently secure and the homeowner can feel more comfortable in their home. 

Crawl Space Spray Foam Insulation By Dr. Energy Saver in Excelsior, MN

These homeowners in Excelsior, MN reached out to DBS for help with insulating their home to increase heating efficiency. 

Design Specialist, Hunter Riley went to the home and provided a free, no-obligation estimate for the work. Hunter performed an analysis of where heat was escaping from the home and concluded that the crawl space was the problematic area. The solution for the heat loss was to apply Spray Foam along the perimeter walls and the rim joists. Foreman Jason Foster and his production team successfully applied the Spray Foam in the crawl space. 

These homeowners now enjoy a safe, comfortable and energy-efficient home! 



Wall Support Added in Howard Lake, MN

A homeowner in Howard Lake, MN reached out to DBS regarding a wall issue they were experiencing in their garage. The wall was old and beginning to bow quite a bit in one corner. DBS sent out a crew to install the PowerBrace™ Wall Bracing System for the garage to help stabilize it, as shown in the photos.

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