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Basement Ceiling Tiles
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Foundation Crack Repair
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DBS #36 Foundation Supportworks Dealer For Total Sales
Foundation Supportworks tracks dealer performance and awards outstanding performances in a variety of cateogry. During the year 2019, DBS was... [Read more]
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Foundation Repair in Itasca County, MN

DBS is your trusted contractor for residential and commercial foundation repair in Itasca County. From bowing walls to sagging floors to cracked walls we provide the needed repairs installing the right system which may include wall anchors, push piers, and other structural repair solutions.

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair

We help make basements and crawl spaces in Itasca County, MN dry all the time by protecting against flooding and groundwater seepage with a properly-installed Basement Systems waterproofing system. We install a nearly-invisible interior drainage system and sump pump with the option to install a battery-powered backup pump. We also waterproof and encapsulate crawl spaces preventing mold and rot that can result from moisture problems.

Home Insulation & Energy Audits

We make homes in Itasca County more comfortable with our whole-house insulation solutions. From attics to crawl spaces, we'll upgrade your insulation where needed so you can live comfortably. Upgrading your insulation can also lower your heating and cooling costs. With our home energy audit, we can pinpoint energy problems in your home and identify upgrades that can make your home more efficient.

Contact DBS today to schedule your free on-site evaluation and cost estimate for foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, or home insulation services in Itasca County, MN.

Job Stories From Itasca County, MN
Polylevel in Bigfork, MN

The owner of this Bigfork, MN home was concerned about the unlevel concrete around the outside of the home. Over time it had shifted causing ledges that served a tripping hazard. Wanting to find the best solution for the problem, she did some research and found DBS. Office Manager, Kelsey Anderson helped the homeowner by setting up a free, no-obligation estimate with System Design Specialist, Royce Bunn. Royce came out to the home and after a thorough inspection, gave the homeowner a written estimate for the best solution. This solution included lifting and leveling the concrete with a Polylevel system installation. With this quality solution installed, the homeowner would no longer have to worry about the unlevel concrete.

Polylevel in Bigfork, MN - Photo 1
Wall Repair in Bigfork, MN

This homeowner in Bigfork, MN was concerned about the foundation of his home. He contacted DBS to have a system design specialist come out for a free, no-obligation estimate. Design Specialist, Rich Johnson made a trip out to the home and did a thorough inspection. Rich explained to the homeowner that the best solution would be to install a Carbon Armor® Wall Reinforcing System. This would permanently stabilize the wall. There were also water issues in the basement that needed to be resolved. An interior waterproofing system along with a high-performance moisture barrier would prevent any further water issues in the basement. These two solutions combined would solve the problems in the owner's basement. After a signed proposal, a date was set to have the production crew come out to professionally install the system. Once the product was finally in place, the homeowner no longer had to worry about the foundation.

Wall Repair in Bigfork, MN - Photo 1
Foundation Repair Needed in Bigfork, MN

The owners of this Bigfork, Minnesota home noticed there were some problems with the foundation. Wanting them fixed, he called DBS to set up a free, no-obligation estimate. System Design Specialist, Royce Bunn made a trip out to the home and did a thorough inspection. Royce explained to the homeowner that the best solution would be to install a PowerBrace™ Wall Bracing System along with an interior waterproofing system. This would both stabilize the foundation and prevent further water damage. A joint reinforcement system would be additional support for the foundation. With this solution in place, the homeowner would no longer have to worry his unstable foundation.

Foundation Repair Needed in Bigfork, MN - Photo 1
Foundation Problems Repaired in Bovey, MN

The owners of the Bovey, Minnesota home were concerned about their foundation. Wanting a thorough inspection along with the best solution, the owners called DBS to set up a free, no-obligation estimate. A design specialist came out to the home and after a thorough inspection gave the homeowner a written estimate that same day. The best solution would be to install a SmartJack® System along with a supplemental beam to stabilize the foundation. To make the space more energy efficient, a CleanSpace® system should be installed. These systems together would provide the homeowner with a stable foundation and would also make the home more energy efficient. With this quality solution in place, the owner could enjoy a peace of mind.

Foundation Problems Repaired in Bovey, MN - Photo 1Foundation Problems Repaired in Bovey, MN - Photo 2
Repairs Shifted Slabs in Bovey, MN

This home in Bovey, Minnesota had shifted and the slabs on concrete had shifted. Wanting the problem resolved, the homeowner called up DBS and set up an appointment for a free, no-obligation estimate. System Design Specialist, Rich Johnsen came out to the home and did a thorough inspection of the home. He then wrote up a proposal with the best solution which would be to lift and level the uneven concrete through PolyLevel®. This would bring the foundation back to its original position and the owner would no longer have to worry about the foundation of his home.

Repairs Shifted Slabs in Bovey, MN - Photo 1
Lift & Raise Uneven Surfaces in Cohasset, MN.

DBS received a call from a homeowner that the services surrounding their home were sunken and needed to be raised. There were multiple areas surrounding the home sinking, so DBS sent our Design Specialist, Jace Alli, to the home to create a solution. Jace’s proposal recommended DBS installs our PolyLevel® service around the perimeter of the home in seven different areas to support and maintain the home. By using our PolyLevel®, the sunken slabs would be lifted to the previously leveled concrete, also making sure the home is raised and solid at that level. We’ve included some photos of the settlement sinking around the home, showing the concrete slightly lower than the area of the home.

Lift & Raise Uneven Surfaces in Cohasset, MN. - Photo 1
Floor Stabilization Project in Deer River, MN.

A homeowner in Deer River called because they urgently needed to stabilize their floors, their floors were sinking over the basement. DBS looked at the home as soon as possible and saw that the house needed some support of the beams. Our Design Specialist, Royce Bunn, worked to create a proposal to fix the problem. He recommended that DBS installs SmartJack® System. We would also install a beam, both of these additions will help support the floor and make sure that the support is maintained into the future. We’ve included a photo prior to production to show what the home looked like before DBS began production, the photos show how the beams and floors began sinking. if you’re noticing this problem in your home, call DBS for a free, no-obligation estimate!

Floor Stabilization Project in Deer River, MN. - Photo 1
Crawl Space Project in Marcell, MN.

Homeowners in Marcell, MN called DBS looking for help with their foundation. The foundation had been sinking 8-10 inches and the homeowners were very concerned, so we scheduled a free, no-obligation estimate to find a resolution to their problem. When we sent one of our Design Specialists to the home, we found that the crawl space foundation was settling and needed maintenance. We used many of our services to make sure the home was in it’s best shape. First, we installed vent covers and remove dirt from the entire crawl space, then we use mold cleaner to make sure the area is clean. The last step is the installation of the SmartJack® System to stabilize the floor beams and prevent the foundation from sinking in the future. We've included photos prior to DBS beginning production, if your crawl space has similar problems, schedule a free, no-obligation estimate with DBS today! 

Crawl Space Project in Marcell, MN. - Photo 1Crawl Space Project in Marcell, MN. - Photo 2
Wall Stabilization Project in Nashwauk, MN.

Homeowners in Nashwauk, MN called DBS with a concern that their foundation was unsafe and their walls were unstable. We sent a design specialist to the home and found a solution for our clients. DBS proposed that we install CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System to help stabilize the wall, then we put a water-guard drainage system and a TripleSafe® sump pump system to make sure that the home stays waterproof. Our sump pump system will make sure that the water is managed and the drain will take care of any water that gets in. We’ve included some photos from before DBS began production to see what you can look for with foundation problems. Our wall stabilization services make sure that your home is safe and sturdy for years into the future!

Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Encapsulation in Cohasset, MN

A homeowner in Cohasset, MN reached out to DBS regarding multiple services. The basement of the home had an issue with leaking water. Aside from that, the crawl space of the home was old, dirty, and wide open. This can lead to cold drafts and unwanted outside chemicals to enter the home. In need of a solution, the homeowner had a Design Specialist from DBS come to the property and provide a free, no-obligation estimate to provide the best possible fix. It was concluded that the basement would need to have WaterGuard® installed around the perimeter, and the crawl space was to be encapsulated with a CleanSpace® vapor barrier. WaterGuard® is a drainage system that is placed below the concrete floor of a basement, and catches and extracts unwanted water from leaking in to the area. CleanSpace® is a matting that encapsulates the entirety of the crawl space, and acts as a barrier between the rest of the home and what lies within the crawl space. The overall result of the large project was a big success, and the homeowner can now enjoy a more safe and comfortable living environment. 

Waterproofing using WaterGuard® to Address Leaking Basement in South Range, WI Basement

A South Range, WI homeowner, was experiencing issues spurred by water leaking into their basement. The homeowners noticed that their 1970's home began leaking water about 2 years ago, resulting in muddy floors and mold growth. This is a common issue among households with this issue and so they reached out to DBS in hopes of a solution. A Design Specialist went to inspect the area and provided a free, no-obligation estimate for our waterproofing service. It was determined that the basement would have WaterGuard® products installed for maximum efficiency and protection. First, Foreman Kevin Steffey and crew installed WaterGuard® around the perimeter wall of the basement and then connected a tie line to the basement's existing floor drain to ensure proper water drainage.

The customer was happy with the result and is looking forward to a safe and dry basement!


Waterproofing using WaterGuard® to Address Leaking Basement in South Range, WI Basement - Photo 1
Basement Waterproofing System Installed in Goodland, MN

A homeowner in Goodland, MN had a basement that would regularly have water leaking in from the outside. When this occurs, it poses potential health concerns with mold growth, as well as a general disturbance to the occupants and structure of the home. In need of some assistance, the homeowner reached out to DBS and wanted to receive a free, no-obligation estimate to install a waterproofing system.

Our Design Specialist Rich Johnsen visited the home and provided a thorough inspection of the basement area and consulted on the water issue. Afterward, it was determined that the basement would need to have several products installed to fully combat the leaking water. Our crew went in and installed 140 feet of WaterGuard®. This is our patented drain tile system that is installed just below the surface level of the existing concrete around the perimeter of the basement. It is ideal to cover the entire perimeter of the basement to ensure full waterproofing benefits. The crew also installed a TripleSafe™ sump pump system to extract the unwanted water to a more desired location outside of the home. These two products work hand-in-hand, with the WaterGuard® capturing any groundwater trying to creep through the flooring of the basement, and then leading it into the sump pump, where it is run through an exterior discharge line outside. The results turned out great, and the homeowner can now feel more comfortable with a dry, safe and comfortable basement area.

The photo attached shows the area where the TripleSafe™ sump pump was installed, along with the WaterGuard® sitting below a fresh layer of concrete.

Basement Waterproofing System Installed in Goodland, MN - Photo 1
SmartJack® System to Lift Sagging Crawl Space in Deer River, MN

A homeowner in Deer River, MN noticed the main floor of their home was becoming uneven. They identified some sagging supports in their home's crawl space. After doing some research on local companies, they reached out to DBS for more information. 

DBS Sales Manager, Royce Bunn was the Design Specialist for this project. He visited the home for a free, no-obligation estimate and recommended an install of our SmartJack® System. The homeowner decided to go forward with the work and our production team installed 16 feet of supplemental support beam to ensure the crawl space would be structurally sound going forward. From there, our team poured concrete footings and installed two SmartJack® support beams to lift and support the sagging crawl space. 

SmartJack® System to Lift Sagging Crawl Space in Deer River, MN - Photo 1
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