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Before and After Pictures from Two Harbors
Bowing Basement Wall Stabilized in Superior, WI

Bowing Basement Wall Stabilized in Superior, WI

Before After
Bowing Basement Wall Stabilized in Superior, WI Bowing Basement Wall Stabilized in Superior, WI

When this customer first experienced foundation problems they had a home-made solution that had not helped to permanently stabilize or straighten the wall. We used Geo-Lock anchors to stabilize the wall and straighten it over time. The first photo is mid-way through the project. After another anchor was added and both were tightened, the large crack in the wall closed up. 

Wall secured in Two Harbors, MN

Wall secured in Two Harbors, MN

Before After
Wall secured in Two Harbors, MN Wall secured in Two Harbors, MN

This is a great example of how the use of PowerBraces™ can help straighten and strengthen a wall over time. System Design Specialist, Royce Bunn visited this home and proposed the use of six PowerBraces™ to fix the bowing wall. The homeowner had tried various other solutions over the years to fix the bowing wall, but nothing had helped. They even had another foundation wall installed to help fix the bowing exterior wall. The homeowner now rests easy as the experts at DBS have found a permanent solution to fix this problem. 

Ceiling Tiles installed in Tofte, MN resort

Ceiling Tiles installed in Tofte, MN resort

Before After
Ceiling Tiles installed in Tofte, MN resort Ceiling Tiles installed in Tofte, MN resort

Design Specialist, Henrik Makitalo visited with the resorts building manager to discuss possible solutions to their hallway ceilings in the resort. Henrik provided the building manager with a great option of using ceiling tiles from our basement finishing product line. Foreman, Drew Sundberg and his crew installed the tiles and everyone was pleased with the result. 

Company Awards
Joel Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success Awards - 2015 Emerging Entrepreneur Award
The owner of DBS Residential Solutions, Bonnie Sundberg was awarded the 2015 Emerging Entrepreneur Award. This award from the Labovitz... [Read more]
DBS #36 Foundation Supportworks Dealer For Total Sales
Foundation Supportworks tracks dealer performance and awards outstanding performances in a variety of cateogry. During the year 2019, DBS was... [Read more]
DBS Earns #8 PowerBrace™ Dealer from Foundation Supportworks
Each dealer in the national Foundation Supportworks network competes to rank as a top seller. In 2019, DBS Residential Solutions... [Read more]
More Awards

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Excellent installation! You should be proud...
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"Kevin is the absolute nicest person."
Testimonial by Carol P. from Two Harbors, MN

Foundation Repair, Concrete Lifting & Leveling in Two Harbors, Minnesota

At DBS we provide holistic full foundation solutions for floor cracks, bowing walls, uneven floors and everything in between! We bring to the table at DBS a track record of performance that is backed up with years of proven experience and very happy clients. Check out our testimonials in Two Harbors! Additionally, our work is not only effective but our legendary service ensures that your repairs will be able to handle the worst that mother nature throws at it so it can stand the test of time. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a reliable service that is able to restore your home to it's original state or better. Unlike the competition in the area, DBS is a local dealer of the Foundation Supportworks network, an international organization of elite foundation repair contractors.

Foundation Solutions for Every Problem

With all this crazy weather we've been experiencing over the recent years, it is all the more important to quickly address and effectively repair foundation damage in order to preserve your home's long-term stability and value. Many people don't know this, but just a simple crack in the floor or wall of your home can indicate a very expensive and serious issue, which is why it is crucial to have your home evaluated right away by a foundation repair expert from DBS. Here are the key warning signs of foundation damage:

  • Cracks in foundation walls or floors
  • Bowing and buckling foundation walls
  • Sticking windows and doors in the living area
  • Walls leaning inwards at the top
  • Sinking or unlevel floors and slabs

With our expansive and fully comprehensive line of patented foundation repair products, DBS can give you a high quality solution that stands the test of times against these serious problems and more, ensuring your home has a stable, durable foundation for years to come. 

Cabin Foundation Repair Contractors

Cabin structural damage could be hard to notice, as they are often visited during the summer months and stay vacant throughout the rest of the year. With natural weather fluctuations, cabins tend to become unlevel and experience other forms of foundation damage. That is why the structural repair experts at DBS provide durable foundation repair and more!

Our cabin repair services include:

  • Cabin foundation repair
  • Helical piers
  • Skirting creating a crawl space
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • And more!

Call 1-855-259-9625 or contact us online to schedule a free quote on any of our cabin foundation repair or cabin crawl space repair services today!

Basement Waterproofing in Two Harbors

Since you're reading this page, you already know that basements in Two Harbors, Minnesota commonly have serious and expensive issues involving rot, mold, water and moisture. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to take action right away at the first notice of rot, mold, water or moisture in their basements which end up causing thousands and even tens of thousands of additional dollars in damage and home value loss. However, at DBS we aggressively take on these issues to prevent these problems from ever popping up again in the future. To aggressively address and resolve this issue, we install a patented interior drainage system so that any form of moisture or water leakage that enters the basement is captured, controlled and safely removed through the basement drain before it ever becomes an expensive issue for you in the future.

Additionally, at DBS we also fix basement leaks with proven foundation leak repair. Our work is bar none and we take pride in our expert service and patented basement waterproofing system so you will no longer have the fear basement flooding and the corresponding expenses that may occur. Unlike our competitors, we are so confident in our patented basement waterproofing system being able to withstand the worst of mother nature that we offer a transferable lifetime dry-basement warranty with the installation of our basement waterproofing system. None of our competitors in Two Harbors come even close to offering this much value and reliability!

We Provide:
  • Basement seepage repair for wet basements
  • Wall crack & basement leak repair
  • Battery backup sump pump systems
  • Installation of Sump Pump systems

Concrete Lifting and Leveling with PolyLevel in Two Harbors


If you have a cracked sidewalk, damaged sidewalk, uneven patio or driveway, PolyLevel from DBS is the quick, effective and cost effective solution you need right away to successfully take care of this serious issue. At DBS our innovative process lifts and levels sunken and uneven concrete by using an incredibly strong down to the millimeter source foam injection. This process ensures that the troubled area becomes solidified so it forms a stable foundation that makes the surrounding concrete significantly more durable then by using traditional techniques like mudjacking.

Garage Finishing Contractors

Do you often work in your garage and are tired rundown, damaged walls? Try a finishing system that will restore your garage and enhance its appearance! At DBS, we offer cement board EverLast wall panels!

Advantages to EverLast garage finishing

  • Durable cement board that won't damage or decay
  • Inorganic cement board that won't attract mold
  • A restored garage that looks polished
  • Adding insulation can maximize energy efficiency
Case Studies From Two Harbors
This homeowner was living with a badly cracked foundation that was only getting worse with time. Not only were ther finger sized cracks in the...
Job Stories From Two Harbors, MN
Significant Foundation and Waterproofing Support Needed for Two Harbors, MN Home

These homeowners in Two Harbors, MN were concerned over growing issues with their home's foundation. Cracking and shifting in their basement walls were causing structural instability and water to leak into the home. After talking with us at the Duluth Home Show, the homeowners decided to contact us for a permanent solution to this issue. 

Sales Manager Royce Bunn was the Design Specialist for this project and first visited the home for a free, no-obligation estimate. He determined that the home needed both a waterproofing and foundation support system installed. 

A DBS foreman and crew installed 5 PowerBrace support beams that will be used to immediately stop the wall from moving and will be tightened to restore the wall to its original position. A TripleSafe™ sump pump was also installed to support the existing drainage in the family's basement. 

Significant Foundation and Waterproofing Support Needed for Two Harbors, MN Home - Photo 1Significant Foundation and Waterproofing Support Needed for Two Harbors, MN Home - Photo 2Significant Foundation and Waterproofing Support Needed for Two Harbors, MN Home - Photo 3
Waterproofing and Foundation Repair for Leaking Basement in Two Harbors, MN

Homeowners in Two Harbors, MN noticed water coming into through the foundation over the past few years. They wanted to tackle this problem for good and contacted DBS to come up with a permanent solution for their basement. 

Design Specialist Henrik Makitalo visited the home to provide a free, no-obligation estimate in search of the best solution possible for the leaking basement. It was determined that our wall support and waterproofing services were needed. Zach Jorenby and his crew installed sixteen CarbonArmor® Wall Defense Straps, as well as WaterGuard® and CleanSpace® Wall Systems to keep the space dry. 

The homeowners were happy with the work done and can now enjoy their new home with a dry and supported basement. 

Waterproofing and Foundation Repair for Leaking Basement in Two Harbors, MN - Photo 1
Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in Two Harbors, MN

Homeowners in Two Harbors, MN noticed water coming into through the foundation of their recently purchased home. As evidenced by this photo, a significant amount of water would appear in several places in the basement. They wanted to tackle this problem immediately and contacted DBS to come up with a permanent solution for their basement. 

Design Specialist Henrik Makitalo visited the home to provide a free, no-obligation estimate in search of the best solution possible for the leaking basement. It was determined that a PowerBrace™ Wall System would be installed to support sinking the basement ceiling, as well as WaterGuard® and CleanSpace® Wall Systems to keep the space dry. 

The homeowners were happy with the work done and can now enjoy their new home with a dry basement. 

Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in Two Harbors, MN - Photo 1
Large Home Repair Project in Two Harbors, MN

A homeowner in Two Harbors, MN recently reached out to DBS regarding many different areas of their home in need of repairs. The foundation was in need of lifting, for it had settled in the ground due to poor stabilization. Aside from that, the crawlspace of the home would need to have some serious debris removed, in order for better structural support to be installed, along with a waterproofing system. Lastly, the garage structure would also need to be lifted for piers to be installed. This was a lot of ground to cover for the DBS team, but nevertheless, the crew was up for the task. Design Specialist Henrik Makitalo visited the home, and provided a free, no-obligation estimate for all of the services. All in all, it was determined that the home foundation would need to have 21 total piers installed. The reason being is that it will allow for maximum lift and support for the settling foundation, and can help to prevent future damages to the home. Along with the piers, there was a considerable amount of dirt within the crawl space area, which had to be removed in order to proceed. Afterwards, the crew would encapsulate the space with CleanSpace®, and install a SmartSump® pump for water protection. On the back end of the project, the crew would have to lift the garage structure for proper pier placement, which would be the last overall step in the entire job process. Overall, the large task is nothing new to the DBS team, who have pursued it with full confidence in their abilities.

Basement Receives Waterproofing Service in Two Harbors, MN

In Two Harbors, MN, a homeowner was experiencing difficultites with water in their basement. This is a common issue among households with little to no protection from leaking water. In need of a solution, they reached out to DBS to help out. After the issue was addressed, a Design Specialist went to inspect the area, and provide a free, no-obligation estimate for our waterproofing service. It was determined that the basement would have several waterproofing products installed for maximum efficiency and protection. First, WaterGuard® was installed around the perimeter of the basement to be a drainage system for seeping water. Water would then be extracted from the area by way of the new TripleSafe™ sump pump that was installed in the preexisitng sump hole. Lastly, CleanSPace® was put up to cover all the basement foundation walls to act as a barrier between the inner portion of the area, and unwanted external material. All in all, the project was a great success, and with help from these ideal products, the homeowner can now enjoy a more safe and dry basement environment!

Basement Receives Waterproofing Service in Two Harbors, MN - Photo 1
Work Requests From Two Harbors, MN
Vicinity of in Two Harbors
My garage slab has sunk 4-6 inches At the center. wanting down into my garage is driving me crazy. Would like an estimate or see if it is even possible to get it fixed.
Vicinity of Nappa Road in Two Harbors
West basement wall bowed in.
Vicinity of in Two Harbors
We have a horizontal crack along two on the walls in our basement.
Vicinity of in Two Harbors
We need to see if basement can be resealed or if it has mold issue.
Vicinity of South Avenue in Two Harbors
I bought a house with a crawl space. It needs foundation work. Thinking about a half basement for utilities. Or, open to suggestions on the best way to stabilize/winterize the foundation.
Vicinity of Olson Rd in Two Harbors
I would like to put down waterproof ground cover and re-insulate the crawlspace beneath my house. The foundation pilings themselves seem to be in good shape, but I would like to clean up and insulate the crawlspace.
Vicinity of in Two Harbors
I need an estimate for a sump pump for a crawl space and any other options for a wet at times crawl space.
Vicinity of Larsmont Road in Two Harbors
Lower leak in basement wall.
Vicinity of in Two Harbors
Water is permeating through a 8-10 ft. section of the bottom block of my basement wall. This happens during very heavy rain events where the ground is nearly saturated.
Vicinity of in Two Harbors
Sealing off crawl space under front porch and getting rid of mold. Fixing water problems in the rest of the crawl space and basement. Thank you. Peace be with you, Liz Ellmann
Vicinity of in Two Harbors
I recently purchased an older home to remodel. It appears there maybe some foundation as well as water issues to be resolved prior to moving forward. Its a very small home on block with a crawl space that had been moved from a different location on the same lot some years ago. I would like an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Two Harbors
Bowing basement wall
Vicinity of in Two Harbors
The home has a concrete block foundation. Walk out basement and 2 walls are slipping inward at the base of the wall. Need to fix 2 of the concrete block walls. We will be available this week for estimate at the home.
Vicinity of Tenth Ave in Two Harbors
We have had some cracks appear this spring in our basement wall and would be interested in an inspection.
Vicinity of Scenic Drive in Two Harbors
I have a 12' x 20' concrete patio (concrete depth - approximately 3" deep) The patio was originally installed with a wire mesh laid in the concrete as it was poured. It is cracked down the middle, somewhat parallel to the longer sides. The patio has also settled and the crack widened over time - maybe up to a 1 " crack. I'm wondering if it would be possible to raise approximately 1/2 of the patio level the sides along the crack and reduce the size of the crack. Then fill the crack with some type of material. My goal is to return the slope of the concrete away from the house and to level the patio so a snowblower or shovel doesn't catch the large and unlevel crack. Replacing the patio will cost between $1300 and $1800. Would your process be cost effective?

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