Permanent Concrete Repair Solutions

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Why Repair not Replace?

Cracked and uneven concrete is an eye sore and it only gets worse over time. 

Although concrete is a very strong and durable material, concrete can still become cracked and uneven gradually. There are three reasons concrete becomes uneven and settles:

  1. The soil below your slab is poorly compacted.
  2. Your solid is too dry.
  3. Your soil is too wet.

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The condition of the soil under your concrete is important to consider when looking into solutions for your concrete. Other solutions like mudjacking and replacing the concrete do not permanently fix the issue of sinking and cracking concrete slabs, as they do not address the underlying issue. Mudjacking uses heavy cement slurry which adds even more weight to the soil underneath, causing the already unstable soil to sink even deeper over time. Replacing the concrete also does not address the real issue; the soil supporting the slab. Installing a new slab over the same unstable soil will result in the same issues of sinking and cracking concrete. 


DBS Permanent Concrete Repair Solutions:

PolyLevel® Solution

At DBS we use the PolyLevel® system to permanently repair sinking and uneven concrete. PolyLevel® uses a similar approach to lifting and leveling concrete as mudjacking, but uses modern technology and lightweight, structural-grade polymers. 

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The polymer foam is injected into the voids under the unstable slab. After the voids are filled, the material expands, precisely lifting and stabilizing the slab. Because the material is lightweight, waterproof, and wash-out-proof, there is no increase in pressure on the unstable soil and permanently lifts, levels, and stabilizes the concrete slab.

NexusPro®  Joint Sealant Solution

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NexusPro® is a joint sealant that is placed into the joints and cracks of the concrete slab. This helps prevent any cracking of the slab and seals the cracks by directing water away from the slab and minimizing the softening and erosion of the soil caused by the water. Aside from protecting the concrete from soil erosion, cracking, and sinking, it also results in a nice, clean look.

SealantPro® Solution

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In addition to lifting and leveling the concrete slab, our SealantPro® solution defends the surface of the concrete from moisture, seasonal changes, and chemicals like oil and gasoline. SealantPro® extends the lifespan of the concrete for many years as it protects it from pitting, flaking, and spalling. 



Repairing concrete is an environmentally-friendly solution. Because our PolyLevel® solution is waterproof and wash-out-proof, it does not deteriorate or erode the ground beneath. In addition, it reduces the demand for concrete production, which is an energy-intensive process, as the alternative solution is concrete repair.


How Much Does it Cost to Repair Concrete?

The cost of a concrete repair project depends on the scope of the project. Each project is unique in its own way and needs a custom-designed solution for the issue. 


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