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WaterGuard®: The Ideal Interior Waterproofing System

Thursday, March 29th, 2018 by Brigitte Aili

WaterGuard®: The Ideal Interior Waterproofing System - Image 1

Invented in 1994, over 1.5 million feet of WaterGuard® has been installed across six countries. This top of the line interior waterproofing system works with all types of foundations and has many benefits.

Less intrusive than exterior waterproofing systems, WaterGuard® is more convenient and about a third of the cost. A trench is dug around the perimeter of the basement for the piping system to be installed. It is then backfilled with stone which allows for less clogging from silt and sediment. The floor is then restored with a final layer of cement on top. Nestled above the footing at the base of the wall, this system is able to collect water coming in from the wall, floor, and footing wall joints. The water guard ports allow for thorough inspection, cleaning, and is convenient for dehumidification draining ports. Once water enters the system, it is transferred to the sump pump where it is pumped outside the home. This eliminates hydrostatic pressure that often causes foundation problems. Our system at DBS comes with a nationally backed warranty that transfers if the home is sold.

This interior waterproofing system has been proven in over the 3,100 miles that it has been installed. WaterGuard® is an ideal waterproofing system with its clean finished appearance and confirming results.


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