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Helical Piers Permanently Support Sinking and Settling Structures

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 by Chelsea Bowen

After Photos of Helical Pier Installation

Spring is officially here in the Northland! As homeowners bring out their deck furniture for patio season, they may also notice that their deck slants and slopes more than last season.

Why does this happen? 

The soil type, seasonal freezing and thawing, extreme moisture or drought, and general settlement create soil movement, often resulting in the physical movement of structures. Leading to cracks, uneven floors, and sinking, this type of problem will not get better with time.  Unfortunately, poured concrete piers for decks and other structures are often subject to this type of shifting and are not sufficient for long-lasting foundation support. 

What is the solution to this problem? 

While adding extra wooden support or pouring new concrete may be a temporary solution, the structure will only continue to shift and settle in the future. For a permanent solution to the problem, DBS recommends Helical Piers, designed to transfer the weight of the home or structure to load-bearing soil or bedrock. Great for lighter structures and new construction, DBS often installs helical piers for home foundation support, cabins, boathouses, sinking decks, and porches, as well as home additions. 

How does this technology work? 

The steel shafts have helix plates and are installed like a gigantic screw, twisting as they are driven into the soil by heavy machinery. This installation is fast and effective and can be performed in a variety of weather conditions, unlike concrete piers. In many cases, helical piers can lift a sunken foundation back to its original position once the installation is complete. 

Why are our helical piers the best in the industry? 
Left:Our helical pier  Right: lower-grade model

DBS uses the Supportworks Helical Piers system which features a true helix plate allowing for more accurate torque-to-capacity reading. This means an installer knows when a pier is driven deep enough to find competent soil. These extremely sturdy steel shafts are made from galvanized steel that will not rust over time. Our helical pier is shown in the photo on left, compared to a lower-grade pier on the right. Once installed, our helical piers have a 25-year warranty against factory defects. 

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