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Concrete Lifting and Leveling Before & After Photos

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Proposed Solution for Sunken Concrete in Abbotsford, WI

DBS went out to this job site to conduct a free no-obligation estimate after the homeowner called us looking for help with their concrete repair project. The homeowner mentioned that their front and back patios were sinking towards the home. Design Specialist Justin Mundahl went out to the home to conduct an inspection and generated a free no-obligation estimate for the homeowner based on the measurements he took during the inspection. Our PolyLevel® product is used for concrete lifting projects because it is able to lift and level concrete back to its original position. It is also waterproof, so it will not wash away, unlike traditional mudjacking. If you have a patio that looks like the one in the pictures, it is time to give us a call for your free no-obligation estimate!

Altoonna, WI driveway lifted and leveled

Using our PolyLevel foam injection system we were able to successfully lift and level this customer's concrete slabs. 

Lift & Level Uneven Exterior Concrete in Chippewa, WI

This Chippewa Falls, WI resident’s concrete walkway and patio had begun to slope in towards the house, there were large gaps between the slabs and the side of the home. The customer was most concerned about water flowing directly towards the home and creating a possible leak in its’ foundation.

Our main goal was to stabilize the concrete slab and divert any water away from the foundation joints. The DBS production crew of Chris and Ken started by prepping the area for our patented PolyLevel® system. They then injected the PolyLevel® product under the problem areas and were able to achieve a successful lift in the concrete slab.  The project was wrapped up by ensuring the customer was satisfied with our work and leaving the project areas cleaner than we found it.

Eau Claire, WI concrete slab lifted and leveled

This customer was excited to find out more about our PolyLevel lifting and leveling solution for concrete slabs. They had tried mudjacking in the past and hadn't had much luck with the slab staying level. 

Concrete Leveling in Shop Near Ladysmith, WI

The owner of this shop in Ladysmith, WI reached out to us looking for help with their unlevel concrete.

A DBS Design Specialist went out to the shop to run a free no-obligation estimate for the owner. After taking several measurements, the Design Specialist created a quote for our concrete lifting leveling service.

A DBS Foreman led the installation of this project with help from a crew. Together they injected PolyLevel® foam beneath the concrete to fill voids that had formed over the years. The PolyLevel® leveled the concrete back out and successfully eliminated the tripping hazards.

Now the owner can relax with peace of mind!

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