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DSB Crawl Space Encapsulation Service Rids of Musty Smell in Crawl Space of Rental Property in Maple, WI

This home in Maple, WI was used as a rental home. The property owners wanted to get rid of the musty smell in the home to create a healthy environment for their tenants and wanted to have the crawl space properly insulated to prevent pipes from freezing.

Design Specialist Henry Jungbauer went out to the property to conduct a free no-obligation estimate for the owners. After a thorough inspection, he informed the owners that DBS had solutions for all of their issues.

Foreman Raeshawn Pelfrey led the installation for this project with assistance from a crew. Together they cleaned out the fallen and moldy insulation. Then the crew laid down drainage matting over the ground to direct the flow of water. TerraBlock™ foam insulation was installed over the drainage matting to prevent frost build-up. Finally, a layer of CleanSpace® vapor barrier was installed to seal off the insulation. The crew also applied spray foam into the rim joists to completely air-seal the space.

Now that the crawl space has been properly insulated, the owners will experience warmer floors and lower heating bills because of their energy-efficient solution.

Spray Foam Insulation in Danbury, Wisconsin

In Danbury, Wisconsin this customer wanted to create a year-round utility storage space that would be consistently comfortable and could even be heated efficiently. The customer had already known that spray foam insulation would be the best option for his situation and wanted DBS Residential Solutions to complete the work. In order to effectively insulate the building, we sprayed a layer of insulation around the entirety of the building. This customer can now enjoy their space year round. 

Attic in Grand Marais, MN Properly Air Sealed and Insulated to Prevent Ice Dams

The owner of this home in Grand Marais, MN experienced issues with dark streaks on the ceiling that was caused by condensation. This issue arises when improper insulation of the attic causes heat to flow into the space and forms ice dams on the roof. Looking for a solution, the homeowner reached out to DBS.

Design Specialist Henry Jungbauer went to the home to conduct a free no-obligation estimate for the homeowner. After a thorough inspection, he informed the homeowners about DBS attic insulation systems that would solve their issue.

Foreman Nicholas Woods II led the installation of this project with help from a crew. Together they removed the old batting insulation in the attic to start with a clean slate. Then they installed TiteShell™ can light covers over the lighting fixtures and sealed each with ZypFoam™ to prevent air leaks through gaps. To complete the air sealing process, the crew applied closed cell spray foam insulation to the floorboards in the attic. Finally, they blew in 18 inches of TruSoft™ cellulose insulation.

The homeowners will be much more comfortable in their homes now that their attic has been properly insulated. 

Poplar, WI Homeowners Increase Year-Round Comfort with Attic Insulation

Owners of this Poplar, WI home wanted to make their home more comfortable. Built in the late 1960s, they remember it always having a few issues with holding heat during the winter months. Ice dams would form on the roof and recently, one of their gutters was damaged in the process. Looking for a permanent solution, they contacted DBS for a free, no-obligation estimate for the work.

DBS Design Specialist Henry Jungbauer visited the home and provided an inspection and thorough estimate for the attic insulation project. To prevent any leaking from ice dams in the future, Henry suggested air sealing the attic floor and re-insulating it. DBS Foreman Nick Woods II lead the attic insulation crew. They added Tru-Soft cellulose to the attic after air sealing, to provide a solid radiant barrier. This will, in turn, prevent warm air from escaping from the living space through the attic. This insulation method also prevents the space from heating up too much during the summer months.

The homeowners were happy with the work our insulation crew did and now have a solid solution to stand up to cold Wisconsin winters.

Attic Insulation Leads to Lower Energy Bills and A More Comfortable Home in South Range, WI

The owner of this home in South Range, WI was interested in having their skylight insulated because their home was abnormally cold in the wintertime. Looking for a solution, they reached out to DBS.

Design Specialist Henry Jungbauer went to the home to conduct a free no-obligation estimate for the homeowners. After a thorough inspection, Henry advised them that their attic was the culprit for their drafty home and a proper insulation system would solve their issue. 

Foreman Nick Woods II led the installation of this project with assistance from a crew. Together they removed all of the old rotted batting insulation from the attic. Then they air-sealed every light fixture, floorboard, and crevice with ZypFoam™ before installing 17 inches of blown-in Tru-Soft™ cellulose insulation. A benefit of Tru-Soft™ cellulose is that it is treated with a borate solution as a fire retardant and pest repellent.

Now that the attic has been properly insulated, the homeowners will be more comfortable as they experience a warmer home in the winter and a cooler home in the summer. This will also result in lower energy bills for them as well.

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