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Water and Pests Cut Off From Winter, WI Home Using SprayFoam

This homeowner in Winter, WI was facing problems in their homes such as critters and water intrusion. They needed a new solution, so they reached out to DBS for professional help.

Design Specialist Jake Gilmer assisted the homeowner in a free, no-obligation estimate. After a thorough inspection, it was decided that SprayFoam insulation would be the best solution for the home's needs.

Foreman Evan LaFontaine led the installation of this project with help from a team. Together, the team used SprayFoam insulation to air seal the area and insulate the home. This insulation is water-resistant and provides a barrier to moisture to keep the home both warm and dry. As for the critters, SprayFoam is pest resistant and will keep them out of the home. 

This homeowner can now relax knowing their home is warm, dry, and safe from pests.

DBS Installs 3-Layer Crawl Space Encapsulation to Convert Cabin in Stone Lake, WI to Year-Round Retreat

The owner of this cabin in Stone Lake, WI was unable to use it during winter because of improper insulation. Looking for an energy-efficient solution, they reached out to DBS.

Design Specialist Austin Burley went to the property to conduct a free no-obligation estimate. After a thorough inspection, Austin let the cabin owners know about the insulation solutions offered by DBS. He advised them that they would benefit from having both the attic and crawl space properly insulated.

Foreman Raeshawn Pelfrey led the installation of the crawl space encapsulation on the cabin. With the help of a crew, they removed all of the faulty insulation from underneath the structure. First, a layer of dimpled drainage matting was laid over the ground in the crawl space. Next, panels of TerraBlock™ foam insulation were installed over the drainage matting to prevent frost. Finally, CleanSpace®, a thick white poly vapor barrier, was installed to complete the encapsulation of the crawl space. The crew also sprayed waterproof polyurethane foam to air-seal the walls of the foundation ensuring the space is as energy-efficient as possible.

 Now that the home has been thoroughly insulated, the cabin owners will be able to comfortably use their cabin all year long.

Attic and Crawl Space in Stone Lake, WI Cabin Properly Insulated to Heat Cabin Year Round

The owner of this cabin in Stone Lake, WI was having issues keeping it warm in the wintertime. They were unable to use the cabin in the winter and looking for a solution, they reached out to DBS.

Design Specialist Henry Jungbauer went to the home to conduct a free no-obligation estimate for the owner. After a thorough inspection, Henry informed the owner that DBS could install insulation solutions in both the attic and crawlspace that would solve their issues.

Foreman Nicholas Woods II led the installation for this project with help from a crew. Together they encapsulated the crawlspace with 3 layers of insulation. The first layer installed was drainage matting to assist the flow of water. On top of the matting, panels of TerraBlock™ foam insulation were installed to protect the space against frost. Finally, a layer of CleanSpace® was applied to complete the encapsulation process. In the attic, the crew removed all of the old batting insulation and sprayed polyurethane foam inside the knee walls of the attic to complete the air sealing process. They also blew in 17 inches of Tru-Soft™ cellulose insulation to properly insulate the attic floor. 

Now that the home has been properly insulated, the homeowner will experience a warmer cabin without paying more for heating, and will finally be able to relax comfortably all year round.

Rim Joist Spray Foam in Bayfield, WI

A homeowner in Bayfield, WI contacted DBS regarding an insulation issue. The basement of their home was unfinished, and the fiberglass insulation was not sufficient enough to keep the area warm and energy-saving. In need of a solution, a design specialist went to inspect the property and give a free,no-obligation estimate for the insulation service. It was decided that the rim joist would need spray foam insulation to better seal off any cold,drafty air from entering the basement area. Spray foam is an optimal solution for better home insulation, and will now help this homeowner save energy and stay warm during the frigid winter months. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Insulation in Bayfield, WI

Unsealed crawl spaces cause a host of issues. This cabin in Bayfield, WI had cold, drafty floors and issues with mice. Wanting a permanent solution to this issue, the cabin owner contacted DBS for a free, no-obligation estimate for crawl space encapsulation.

DBS Design Specialist Henry Jungbauer is an expert in insulation and home energy. He visited the cabin and after a thorough inspection, designed a plan that would restore comfort to the residents.

DBS Foreman Nick Woods II led this crawl space insulation project. After the insulation was removed, our crew installed spray foam onto the vertical crawl space walls. Closed-cell spray foam expands once applied to fill any gaps and seal the space from the outside air. Our team also fit the crawl space with a custom entry hatch, sealed with rigid foam insulation.

The cabin owner was happy with the work done and looks forward to year-round comfort!

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