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Warmer Floors in Spooner, WI Home After Crawl Space Encapsulation Installed by DBS

The owners of this home in Spooner, WI experienced issues with a musty smell coming from their crawl space and cold floors. They noticed insulation ads by DBS around town and reached out in hopes of finding a solution.

Design Specialist Austin Burley went out to the property to conduct a free no-obligation estimate for the homeowners. After a thorough inspection, he advised the owners to encapsulate their crawl space with 3-layers of insulation offered by DBS.

Foreman Raeshawn Pelfrey led the installation of this project with his team. Together they cleared out the crawl space to start with a clean slate. First, they installed a layer of dimpled drainage matting to assist the flow of water underneath the insulation. Next, the crew laid panels of TerraBlock™ foam insulation to prevent frost in the wintertime. To Complete the encapsulation process, they covered the previous layers in a water vapor barrier called CleanSpace®. They also sprayed polyurethane foam insulation over the concrete block walls to completely air-seal the space.

Now that the crawl space has been encapsulated, the homeowners will notice how much warmer their floors are during winter. As a result of this, they will also not need to use as much heat to keep their home comfortable, so their energy bills will decrease significantly as well.

Crawl Space Encapsulation to Keep Critters and Cold Air Out of Crawl Space in Iron River, WI

The owner of this home in Iron River, WI reached out to DBS looking for a solution to keep critters and cold air out of their crawl space.

Design Specialist Henry Jungbauer went out to the property to conduct a free no-obligation estimate for the homeowner. After a thorough inspection, Henry recommended our crawl space encapsulation service paired with our polyurethane spray foam.

Foreman Nick Woods led the installation of this project with assistance from a crew. Together they installed a layer of drainage matting in the crawl space to help direct water flow underneath the materials. Then they installed TerraBlock® frost barrier panels and sealed the space in CleanSpace® water vapor barrier. They finished the project by spraying the vertical walls with our polyurethane spray foam insulation.

Now that the crawl space has been thoroughly waterproofed, the homeowner can relax with peace of mind.

Spray Foam Insulation for Trego, WI Attic

This Trego, WI homeowner was having issues with the existing insulation in their home. They wanted to create more comfortable conditions in their home year-round, as well as save on energy bills. 

Our Dr. Energy Saver® Design Specialist Jacob Nustad-Peluso went to the home and provided a free, no-obligation estimate for the insulation project. After inspecting the property and conducting an energy audit, it was determined that spray foam insulation and blown-in insulation in the attic were necessary to effectively insulate the space.

DBS Foreman Orrin Sundberg begain this insulation job by removing the existing fiberglass batting. His crew then completely air sealed the space with ZypFoam, concentrating on gaps in the building material and spaces surrounding the attic ducts. 

From there, they applied 1 inch of spray foam to the roof deck. They then used our TruSoft™ cellulose, covering the roof deck in 18-inches of soft, yet dense insulation. TruSoft™ has a higher R-value than fiberglass and other cellulose materials, perfect for use in our northern climate. Tru-Soft™ cellulose is extra dense and made from recycled news paper. It's treated to be extremely resistant to heat and fire, making it a great companion for an attic space. 

This home is now properly equipped to handle warm Wisconsin summers and freezing winters with new attic insulation.

Gordon, WI Cabin Gets Year-Round Use After Installation of Tru-Soft™ Cellulose Insulation

The new owners of this cabin discovered that there was little to no insulation in many areas of the structure. They intend on using the cabin year-round and with the cool midwest climate of Gordon, WI they knew they needed to find a solution. They called DBS for a free estimate.

Design Specialist Austin Burley ran the no-obligation estimate for the owners. Upon completion of a thorough interview, Austin informed the owners about the insulation services that DBS could install to fix their issues.

Foreman Nick Woods II led the installation of this project. With assistance from a crew, they installed Tru-Soft™ cellulose insulation in the attic and in another area of a house with a cathedral-style ceiling. They sealed the basement ceiling with polyurethane spray foam to properly air-seal the space. The crew also applied spray foam to the attic before blowing in Tru-Soft™. The crawl space underneath the cabin will also be properly insulated in the future with our 3-layer crawl space encapsulation process.

Now that the home has been properly insulated, the owners will be able to enjoy their new cabin year-round and begin renovating the inside to create an even comfier space for their family.

SprayFoam Insulation Installed in Solon Springs, MN Home Before Refinancing

This homeowner in Solon Springs, MN wanted to address the home's insulation issues before refinancing. Wanting a professional, permanent solution they reached out to DBS for help.

Design Specialist Henrik Makitalo assisted the homeowner in a free, no-obligation estimate in order to find the best solution for the home's needs. After a careful inspection, SprayFoam insulation was recommended. 

Foreman Nicholas Woods II led the installation of this project with help from a team. Together, the team began by removing the old, ineffective insulation. This exposes any cracks or holes in the home that are allowing unwanted airflow in and out of the house. Then the team air seals these areas to begin the insulation process. Finally, they apply a full-coverage layer of SprayFoam to fully insulate the space and create a moisture barrier. 

This homeowner can now refinance their home with the new DBS solution. 

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