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Vented Crawl Space Insulated in Beaver Bay, Minnesota

This Beaver Bay crawl space was vented which allowed the unconditioned air from the outdoors to freely enter under the home. In the winter these vents could be shut, but it was not providing an air tight seal necessary to block out the cold winter air. To fix this issue when we encapsulated the crawl space we filled the vent area with insulation and used spray foam insulation to seal the space and prevent air from leaking through. 

Energy Saving Insulation in Duluth, MN

A Duluth homeowner had been dealing with severe and recurring ice dams each winter, prompting them to contact DBS for a permanent way to minimize these issues. The attic exhibited little to no insulation levels, hence the ice dams, and was completely inefficient and uncomfortable. Overseeing his crew in the insulation installation was Nick Woods, one of our foremen. The team started by strategically placing baffles to establish a continuous airflow and uphold proper venting. Then, a combination of closed-cell polyurethane and TruSoft cellulose blown-in foam was applied to the attic floor. To enhance energy efficiency, a layer of SilverGlo was incorporated along the attic deck, and the chimney was effectively wrapped. The process was finished by air-sealing and insulating the attic access point. With these insulation measures, along with the additional work undertaken, the homeowner can ensure that the home's ice dam issues will be significantly diminished.

Grand Rapids, MN Homeowner Encapsulates Dirt Crawl Space

A homeowner in Grand Rapids, MN was tired of negative impacts their dirt crawl space was having on the rest of their home. They noted temperature and humidity fluctuations, as well as water pooling beneath the home.  To learn more about what steps were needed to properly insluate the home, they reached out to us about our Dr. Energy Saver® services after learning about our company on local television.

A Design Specialist trained in energy-saving solutions visited the home to provide a free, no-obligation estimate. A DBS foreman and crew installed CleanSpace® vapor barrier over drainage matting in the dirt crawl space. These two products work together to keep moisture and pests at bay. Foam insulation as well as closed-cell spray foam were applied to fully seal and regulate temperature in the space. 

The homeowner was happy with the work done, resulting in a great improvement of this home's overall health. 

Window Replacement in Orr, MN

A home in Orr, MN required multiple windows were replaced throughout the home. The window replacements were installed because the current windows were unsafe and unhealthy for our homeowner. The windows had mold on them in the winter that concerned our homeowner about the safety of her family. The other windows in the home required new installation with a vinyl frame to make sure these windows are secure, not letting in extra drafts, cold air, etc. while all of the window replacements done will make the home more energy efficient for our customers!

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