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Sarona, WI Cabin Owners Encapsulate Dirt Crawl Space

Cabin owners in Sarona, WI wanted to spend the winter living in their cabin. The cabin had some insulation in the crawl space, but it was consistently moist, and was also hosting a family of mice. Knowing they would need a permanent solution to keep their cabin comfortable, they called DBS for a free, no-obligation estimate on our crawl space encapsulation service.

DBS Service Manager Jacob Nustad-Peluso visited the cabin and gave a thorough estimate for the crawl space project. We recommended a full encapsulation which includes a vapor barrier, drainage matting, and insulation. 

DBS Foreman Zach Jorenby is an expert at installing both waterproofing and foundation repair products. He lead a three-person crew to complete this cabin crawl space system. Our team placed drainage matting directly on the dirt crawl space ground, with a CleanSpace® vapor barrier on top. Those two products work together to prevent water from freely collecting and evaporating into the crawl space. 

These customers are now ready to spend a winter in the Wisconsin woods! 

Insulation in Drummond, WI

This homeowner in Drummond, Wisconsin was concerned about heating in the home. Wanting to stay warm throughout the winter, this homeowner decided to get the home insulated to a high quality. After doing some research, the homeowner reached out to another company to get a quote. However, that company did not respond after the inspection, and the homeowner decided to reach out again, only this time to DBS. Following a brief friendly phone call with the office staff, an appointment was made to have Henrik Makitalo, a system design specialist go out to the home for a free inspection. Henrik was able to give a written estimate that same day and after a comfortable price agreement, a date was promptly set to have a crew come out to perform the installation. The installation of the high-quality spray foam proved to make a difference in the insulation and comfort of the home. Finishing the final step of the smooth process with DBS, the happy owner was able to enjoy a warm home throughout the cold winter.

Mold Infested Spaces in Washburn, WI Home Combatted with TruSoft Cellulose

This home in Washburn, WI had problems with moisture which was leading to mold growth in two separate areas. Needing a permanent solution, the homeowner trusted DBS with the project.

Design Specialist Henry Jungbauer assisted this homeowner in a free, no-obligation estimate for their home to find the perfect solution. After inspecting the areas in need of help, Henry recommended DES TruSoft™ cellulose insulation. 

A DBS foreman led a team in the installation of this project. The team removed any old, ineffective insulation and began air sealing the space. Air sealing stops any unwanted air flow from cracks and holes from affecting the home. After air sealing, TruSoft™ cellulose was blown into the spaces. TruSoft™ is an environmentally friendly option that is resistant to fire with long lasting performance.

This homeowner will no longer need to worry about cold bedrooms or unhealthy air due to mold. 

Rim Joist Insulation Provides Proper Insulation in Washburn, WI Basement to Decrease Heating Bill

The owners of this home in Washburn, WI were having issues keeping their basement warm. They reached out to DBS in hopes of finding an energy-efficient solution.

Design Specialist Rich Johnsen went out to the property to conduct a free no-obligation estimate. Rich informed that the issue was caused by improperly sealed rim joists in their basement. Cold air would continue to leak in through the rim joists if left alone.

Foreman Raeshawn Pelfrey led the installation of this project with help from his crew. Together they sprayed waterproof polyurethane foam into each rim joist of the home. The spray foam air seals the space as it expands when applied. Read this article to learn more about rim joists and how DBS can thoroughly insulate your basement.

Now that the rim joists have been air-sealed, the homeowners will be able to relax comfortably in their homes without paying high heating bills.

Cornucopia, WI Blown Attic Insulation

We transformed this no-insulation-attic into a fully insulated, energy efficient space. Attic insulation in Cornucopia, WI never looked so good.

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